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Class of 2009!

Wheelock College Class of 2009!!!

9/29/05 07:20 pm - a_kiss_of_rain


2nd floor of the Yawkey @ Emmanuel

12-8... we take the stage at 2. Be there!

9/17/05 04:18 pm - a_kiss_of_rain - That Takes Ovaries!

OK Wheelock!

Time to show your dedication to being a woman.

I joined Women's Center the other day, and this sunday, tomorrow, at 7 PM in the Aud. is "That Takes Ovaries" where there will be a speaker sharing her stories of success, and then a chance to share your own.

Drag friends!

If you can't make it, Women's Center meets Thursday Nights at 8 in the S.C. so show up! We still have a few spots left on the board I believe. I, personally, am Senator. The mission of the organization is not only to raise awareness about safe sex (For instance, did you know that once a condom has begun being used, after only 12-15 minutes, its durability starts breaking down?), but we also work with centers in Boston to learn about Rape, Stress, etc.

It's a great cause, so if you can make it, Please do!

And on a totally UNrelated note, my band, Rainheart, is playing October first (Saturday) at emmanuel college for the Hurricane Karina benefit concert. Our set is 7-8 songs. Come! It'll be a great time!

Thanks guys!

8/24/05 09:43 pm - a_kiss_of_rain - Aw shit.

...Is anyone else finding it extremely difficult to say your goodbyes? Because I just got home, and one of my best friends drove me, and I almost started crying, knowing I won't see him every day anymore...



8/24/05 03:03 pm - pink_emerald - Jumpstart

Im apparently obsessed.

whend do you we fnd out?


8/18/05 12:52 am - no_lj_christine

I feel so relieved that my Jumpstart application is in. Arielle and I were talking and we need to organize a Sex and The City night when we all get settled in to our rooms. It will take our minds off of how much we miss home. I'm sure within a few weeks we won't really miss our parents so much figuring they probably will call a few times each day and we'll start to just ignore their calls. How's everyone doing?

8/18/05 12:41 am - beandawgizzle

Hey guys! Its almost time to start school! What time is everyone getting to campus on the 2nd?

8/16/05 12:47 am - beandawgizzle

Is anyone else really excited and nervous at the same time? lol I AM!

8/12/05 12:35 pm - pink_emerald - JUMPSTART

Some how, I don't think I am smart enough to even fill out this application.

Any one around that can help me? lolol

SN Bella Fabulouss

8/8/05 02:04 pm - pink_emerald - JUMPSTART

Any one applying to Jumpstart?

7/25/05 01:01 pm - beandawgizzle - I got my letter!

Im in RIV316!
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